E Sports Gaming Team

UNIONDALE, NEW YORK (February 2024)—Uniondale High School established its Esports program in 2019, a strategic initiative aimed at leveraging a growing interest in competitive gaming to and enhancing students' educational and extracurricular experiences. Led by Head Coach Elmer Flores and Co-advisor Sanjay Singh, the new Esports program offers students unique opportunities for competition, learning, and scholarship, setting Uniondale School District apart for its innovative approach to student engagement.

“Our Esports program is designed to equip students with essential skills for academic and personal success, including analytical thinking and effective communication,” said Coach Flores. “It represents a significant step forward in recognizing Esports as an integral part of our educational offerings.”

The program features eight competitive teams that participate in a range of games, with a standout achievement by the League of Legends team, currently ranked second in the nation. This accomplishment highlights the program’s competitive edge and its dedication to excellence in the esports arena. Moreover, this team has also secured the title of being the 3x 2nd place team within New York, demonstrating consistent performance and expertise in the field.

“Our initiative extends beyond gaming,” said Co-advisor Singh. “It’s about fostering an inclusive community where students from diverse backgrounds can develop critical skills and engage in meaningful projects.”

Mr. Singh highlighted the success of a student-led project that resulted in the creation and management of a dedicated gaming server, showcasing the program's ability to support student-driven innovation.

“The Discord/Minecraft server that was being advertised is part of the Esports club,” he said, “I am an economics teacher, and one of my students, Douglas Bonilla, a senior, designed and created that server as his final project. It was extremely successful, so he doubled down and decided to invest more time and money into the project, now actively managing and moderating the server. The entire project, including making the posters, was designed and executed by him."

The program has already achieved significant milestones, including the development of an Esports lab and the securing of scholarships for participants, demonstrating its commitment to providing students with resources for both competitive gaming and academic advancement. This educational journey encompasses a wide array of skills, including but not limited to game theory, statistical analysis, and logistics, preparing students to leverage these abilities not only in gaming, but also in their academic pursuits and future college endeavors. The program is committed to fostering an inclusive environment, welcoming students from a broad spectrum of backgrounds. 

“In 10th grade, I realized I wasn't the best in Smash Bros after joining the club,” said a participating Uniondale High School student. “In that time since joining, I have learned from the teaching of ‘Senor L’ and grew and had fun. So that is why I participate in this club; it means a lot to me.”

Uniondale High School's Esports program not only positions itself at the forefront of the esports movement but also reinforces the school's dedication to creating educational pathways that resonate with students' interests and ambitions.

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Photo 1: E-Sports lab and students participating

Photo 2: E-Sports club active students